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“CTCS ” Cult The Cultural Society is a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION working on ‘Environmental’ & ‘Social’ issues and its is run by students.

Cult the cultural society was founded by Manoj Kumar and other seven promoters at Lucknow. Started as cultural society in 2006 it got the NGO status on 09th June, 2008 from U.P Government.

The mantra behind this NGO is Search the problems of the society, highlight them through cultural activity by the students.  
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Board Member

Manoj Kumar Founder CTCS Family)img

Manoj Kumar


Mr Manoj Kumar is an Indian social activist. An alumni of Lucknow Unversity, he completed his bachelor's in 2007. Later, he joined SCMS for pursuing a degree in MBA. A creative and active person as he is, he took part in numerous extra-curricular activities in college. Being an empowering and judicious leader, he has the knack of utilizing resources to their best and making most out of what is available. Inspired by the noble thoughts of his sister Ritu, he along with other esteemed members laid the foundation of the CTCS family in 2008. His inner drive to work selflessly and giving back to society makes him a wonderful human being and a true activist.
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Aanupam Dashamana


Anuraj Sing CTCS Family Co-Founder)img

Anuraj Singh


Lalji Singh CTCS Family Co-Founder)img

Laljeet Singh


Atul Shahi CTCS Family)img

Atul Shahi



Suraj Pandey


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Alok Agarwal


आलोक अग्रवाल
बलरामपुर (उo प्रo)
परास्नातक (राजनीति शास्त्र)
पुस्तक व्यवसायी

🩸प्रदेश अध्यक्ष-नेशनल ह्यूमन राइट्स कॉन्फिडरेशन ऑफ़ इंडिया, उत्तर प्रदेश
🩸जिला सचिव-यूथ हॉस्टल्स एसोसिएशन ऑफ़ इंडिया (YHAI), जिला इकाई-बलरामपुर
🩸नेशनल काउंसिल मेम्बर-यूथ हॉस्टल्स एसोसिएशन ऑफ़ इंडिया(YHAI), नई दिल्ली
🩸सहसचिव-अग्रवाल सभा, बलरामपुर
🩸सक्रिय सदस्य-लायंस क्लब, बलरामपुर
🩸संरक्षक-CTCS परिवार, लखनऊ
🩸संरक्षक-अंजली फ़िल्म प्रोडक्शन, लखनऊ
🩸संरक्षक-आशा वेलफेयर फाउंडेशन, लखनऊ
🩸संरक्षक-रिदम डांस फैक्ट्री, लखनऊ
🩸संस्थापक/एडमिन-लखनऊ की शान हेल्प ग्रुप, लखनऊ
🩸स्वैक्षिक रक्तदानी-अब तक 15 बार स्वयं कर चुका हूँ, रक्तदान शिविर आयोजित करवाता रहता हूँ।
🩸 कोरोना काल में 8 मई से 14 जून के बीच 38 दिनों में 4 रक्तदान शिविरों का द्वारा 100 यूनिट रक्तदान कराया है।

Supportive Member

Archana Pal CTCS Family Member)img

Archana Pal

Vice President/ Program Coordinator

CTCS Family Member Brijendra Bahadur Maurya)img

Brijendra Bahadur Maurya

Co-Vice President

Anjali Pandey CTCS Family)img

Anjali Pandey

Media Coordinator

CTCS Family Sunita Yadav)img

Sunita Yadav

Zonal Head Barabanki

CTCS Family Nidhi Srivastava)img

Nidhi Srivastava

Event Coordinator

Arvind Yadav CTCS Family)img

Arvind Yadav

CTCS Website Developer & Treasurer

Rupa Sing CTCS Family Volunteer)img

Rupa Singh

Media Translator

CTCS Family Member Sandeep Upadhyay)img

Sandeep Upadhayay

CTCS Social Media & Technical Support

CTCS Family Sanjay Jain)img

Sanjay Jain

CTCS Social Media & Technical Support

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